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Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Magic Square, in Color

I've been working on diagramming, proofreading, and tatting snowflakes and wanted to start on a more relaxing side project. I decided to tat another onion ring magic square, this time in two colors. Here's my progress so far:

For this project, I'm using Lizbeth size 40 Ocean Teal Medium, and DMC size 40 white. I filled up two large clover tatting shuttles and was able to get to the point pictured above, before running out of white thread on the first shuttle. I'll need to rewind several times to finish this square (I'm only about an eighth of the way done).

To make a square this large, I have gone beyond the diagrams and am tatting in triangular sections. To keep my place I have to regularly refer to the section I have just completed, and tat a mirror image of it. This will get trickier as the square gets larger, but it shouldn't be any trouble.

I talked about this method of expanding magic squares a few weeks ago, and you can refer to that post if you'd like to join in on this challenge :)


  1. Love the larger mat. I have the pattern for the four square mat and can follow the instructions for four squares just fine. But I can't quite wrap my head around enlarging the square as you have done here. A diagram of the path for larger mats would be very helpful. It doesn't need stitch counts, just a path through the "maze" would be great. Thanks!!

    1. I'm afraid Inkscape wouldn't be able to handle a diagram that large, but I've added a blog post with a photograph of the path here:

      It is in progress and I will create another as I get further into the square. Hope this helps!

  2. Looks beautiful. Love those colors together. Gives it a nice design element.

  3. Muskaan was right, two colours do enhance the pattern. Really beautiful!! The diagrammed size boggled my mind a bit. I see the theory, but it's quite something to keep remembering where you are beyond that!

  4. Wow! Using two colors really enhances the design.

  5. Yay, wish fulfilled :-) Eyes are drawn to different patterns in 2 colours. Nice work

  6. Gyönyörű igy két színnel...Gratulálok!