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Thursday, July 6, 2017

Mix and Match Snowflakes

I have one more magic square post that I want to make, but I'm taking a little break from it this week.

So, here's a more casual blog post: a couple of snowflakes with an interchangeable center.

One center is made up of layered rings while the other is a simple six ringed flower. I still need to make a few small tweaks to these designs. The layered rings are a new concept for me, and I didn't realize that they would cause the center to stretch. As a result, I need to enlarge the regular center to better match up the second round of each snowflake.


  1. Those are fabulous snowflakes!!! :)

  2. Pretty & another great concept !

  3. You never cease to amaze me 🍃🥀🍃

  4. Very beautiful Robin! I particularly like the layered one.

  5. I've really enjoyed all three of your recent snowflake posts; your snowflakes are quite striking. As I'm assuming you won't be writing up patterns for most of these, do you mind if people tat them up based on how they look, so long as they attribute you as the designer? (As a pattern junkie I do of course encourage you to write patterns ;) I'm particularly eyeing the one on the left above - I've been playing with modifying one of your coasters in a similar manner, though I went with a wheel-and-spoke design in the center instead, and I like the look of the flower with doubled chains.

    1. Hi Sarah, I have patterns in the works for the snowflakes I have posted this year and hope to have them ready by late September or early October. I am planning to post them as a pattern bundle to my Etsy shop. Glad you like them so far!

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