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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Onion Ring Magic Square #2

Here is the magic square that can be created using the hidden square from last week's post:

Notice that the onion rings appear on the inside of the square. In the previous magic square (lower left in the photo below), the onion rings are on the outside. Each time the magic square is built up to a larger size, the onion rings will flip (from the outside to the inside, and vice versa).

If you look at the large square, you can see several of the smaller squares within it. Using the same basic repeat, the pattern can be built up to any size, all in one round.

I won't be tatting any larger squares as I'm just using it as an example of how to design a magic square. I should have more detailed posts about the process in the next couple of weeks, and will also be sharing the pattern on my blog.


  1. Wonderful! Thank you for sharing this amazing work!
    Mama Martin

  2. Amazing! I wish my brain worked like yours does!

  3. Such elegance!!!! :) It's truly gorgeous!!! :)

  4. I like onions and onion rings, yes tatted ones. I am still working on perfecting my technique, you do your's so well, what is your secret?

    1. I don't reverse my work prior to starting the onion ring. Instead, I use Shuttle 2 to form the large central ring. Then, I reverse work and use thread from Shuttle 1 to make the chain surrounding the ring. After that, the shuttles go back into their normal working positions (Shuttle 1 for rings and Shuttle 2 for chains).

      I also use a Catherine Wheel Join at the top of each onion ring to keep the outer chain smooth. Before lock joining the chain back to the base of the ring, I make sure to tighten the core thread so that everything fits snugly without gapping.

  5. The designs are all so pretty even though all are from the basic pattern. Your tatting is lovey.

  6. Such gorgeous curves :-)))) Love the designs-within-designs ... never a dull moment

  7. I am so very excited for this pattern. I love patterns where you look at it and you see one thing and when you look again, you see something new. Thank you for your work!!!!!!

  8. Jestem zauroczona tymi kwadratami. Pozdrawiam Małgosia.

  9. Mesmerized by your magic square concept. I see the triangle version with the double rings on the outside as an open inset for clothing. Thanks for sharing.